PE Plus+

PE Plus is our way of getting amazing, diverse and quality coaching into schools.

We are lucky to have been birthed as a social enterprise as the new OFSTED requirements came into play which gave us a clean slate with which to design a company to fit into the new frameworks rather than adopting or modifying the old paradigm of sports organisations “just filling in as PPA cover”. Instead we have always worked in a manner to help schools go beyond the basics and move towards outstanding provision.

We are calling it PE Plus. We want to work with the best Stroud District schools to provide extra support to make PE better. We have worked hard to train our team in NGB qualifications so each coach can come into schools and enhance the PE strategy by delivering new sports, cross curricular activities and school wide PE activities like tournaments and lunchtime activities.

High Quality
Each sport is delivered by a coach with specific training and experience. It is a mix of NGB training (e.g FA Level 2 badge) and also Primary School specific programmes (Netball HighFives).

OFSTED Evidence
We know schools need to prove the impact of their PE strategy so we have developed easy and clear assesments and reports for each sport so schools can demonstrate outcomes.

One day per week
Our team will be in your school for one day per week 08:00-16:30. This gives the best return for the school and means a coach can committ for the long term.

We work in 12 Gloucestershire schools delivering PE Plus. These schools have a coach from us one day a week and are able to utilise the coach they have assigned to deliver a day of PE Plus activities- this includes fitness, healthy living advice and teaching, physiology, intraschool tournaments, sports training, lunchtime activities, afterschool clubs and other activities as required.

If you want to know the specifics please email and we can let you see the full plans. We will happily let you speak with any of our 12 schools for references.