We were founded in 2012 with one coach and one school and since that point we have grown and grown. We now have a team of 3 full time staff and have recently seen our founding coach graduate out of the business in their own company.


APRIL 2012

In the beginning there was only one coach, volunteering in one school for one hour a week.


In September 2012 we started. Our first contract getting children active, playing football, arrived


By February 2013 we were working in 3 schools with 2 coaches and running our first holiday camp .

MAY 2013

Suddenly we were getting calls from everywhere. Our vision for more sport was taking hold.



By September 2013 we were delivering PE lessons, Choices For Life and Clubs in 10 schools.


Across the year we had over 2000 children taking part in our activities and grew to 6 coaches

MAY 2014

Our first award arrived in May 2014 – Stroud Life: Social Enterprise of the Year

JULY 2014

Now schools were trusting us with delivery of large swathes of their PE strategies.


JAN 2015

We launched our first District wide inter school sports with 48 schools taking part.

MARCH 2015

We hired 3 apprentices to start to train the next generation of coaching fanatics.

JUNE 2015

We held our summer KS1 tournament with 1000 children taking part.

AUG 2015

We took on our most ambitious summer program ever – 700 children over 6 weeks.


SEPT 2015

We started developing the new PE Plus project. Working to increase health and well-being in schools whilst meeting the OFSTED requirements of outstanding PE

JAN 2016

We launched our PE Plus product in 3 Stroud schools to prove and test the impact it can have on children and the schools they attend.

MAY 2016

After a meeting with Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust, 8 DGAT schools sign up for our PE Plus project for 16/17

AUG 2016

We run our first official Forest Green Rovers Soccer Camp with nearly 100 children signing up- our largest ever camp.


We complete our first year of the new PE Plus programme across 12 different schools.


We have just launched PE Plus “version 2” with a new, improved approach creating a bigger and better approach to the concept.

Vinny Rees, our founding coach, has new left to focus on his football specific dreams and is now a stand alone coach with his own company.

Watch this space for the next steps in our journey